Blockchain Documents Signing

Document E-Signature, simple to sign, easy to send and permanently stored on blockchain

Non-repudiable signatures The e-signatures are legally accepted in court
Authentication by e-signatures Immediate on-boarding by web3 wallet connect
Permanent Storage The signed contracts are stored forever in the blockchain
Immutable Storage The signed contracts cannot be changed from anyone, no way
Easy Sharing Share a link with the counterpart for immediate review and signing
Paperless Save the environment, don't use paper for agreements exchange and save trees
Free of Charge There are no subscription cost. You pay only a very small gas fees to write the documents on the blockchain
Open Source This platform is open source, anyone can verify, customise and improve
TokensYou can purchase the #AISC tokens from our Decentralized Exchanges with USDT or USDC
AwardsGrant from Web3 Foundation